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I've been playing with the 3ds, i love it. i bought one!! woot lol. Anyway. the 3d graphics are pretty cool. i'm waiting until anial crossing to come out. can't wait!!

Pokemon Black and White!

It's almost here!  Right now Amazon is giving 10$ gift cards for preordering with them, but then you don't get any nifty swag like you might at Toys R Us or Gamestop.  Last year I preordered with Gamestop and got a little figure with my Soul Silver.  This year they  haven't offered me anything and supposedly Toys R Us only has a window decal.  Boring!  I want something cool like they're giving out at EBGames in Australia.  They're getting a carrying case with the Black and White legendaries on them, and extra cool stylus', a screen wiper, and a came card carrying case.  Cool stuff right?  Why can't we get this? 


Pokemon Black and White

So - it's time to preorder your Pokemon Black or White, but where to go?  It's really all about the preorder bonus.  Here's the deal:

Toys R Us - they're giving away a window decal of either the black legendary or the white legendary.  *yawns*  

Gamestop - says they have an exclusive download, Shiny Suicine, but that's not THAT big of a deal

Come on, we need some really COOL bonuses!  Australia is getting a Pokemon carrying case with special styluses and something to wipe your screen with and cartridge holders.   


3DS Launch Date and Price Announced

Okay, this is old news but the 3DS is coming out March 27th for the US.  At 249$ at the retailers, will you buy one?

More information here:  www.mania.com/level-up-nintendo-announces-3ds-release-date-price_article_127973.html


News for Pokemon addicts (like myself)

MEW IS HERE! So from October 15-30 you'll be able to go to Mystery Gift with your Heart Gold or Soul Silver only and can download Mew! I can't believe it, an actual legitimate Mew! I'm so freakin' thrilled! For more information, check out below!



Awesome news!

Nintendo has announced that most DSiWare games will be transferrable to the 3DS! Woot! This is awesome news, because a lot of people (myself included) were pretty pissed at the idea that all the money we'd spent on DSiWare games would be lost once we bought the 3DS. They have not announced which games won't transfer though, which is kind of crappy. I haven't bought any DSiWare games in a while because I thought they wouldn't transfer at all, but now it seems like a gamble because maybe what you buy now is transferrable and maybe not. They should just label the games 3DS compatible or not. Anyways, this is still awesome! I love a lot of the DSiWare games I bought.

So...what DSiWare games have you bought?

Here's my list:
Photo Dojo
Pinball Pulse
Puzzle League
Dr. Mario
Warioware Snapped

My favorites are Photo Dojo, Primrose, Dr. Mario, Aquia and Zengage. Warioware Snapped was kind of a bummer because it doesn't work very well. I love all the puzzle games I got and those get the most play. Photo Dojo is just hilarious and fun, but you must have some friends around when you create fighers.


New Sper Mairo Bros. DS

Hey! I am currently playing this game, I am in world 8...I skipped a couple of worlds, think it was 4 and 7...has anybody played it or is playing it? I'd like to know if I am the only one going through this or is there's something I should do or if it is like that.
Great game btw!

March 2011

 The news is here!  Yay!  That means there's an end in sight!  


I can't wait for the 3DS to come out, but I'd love to know if they're going to release the purple one at the same time.

The article also says they're going to release some old school games for download on the 3DS.  What games would you like to play again?  Mario and the Three Golden Coins was pretty good - I wouldn't mind playing that again.  

What games do you take on a vacation?

 I tend to bring all my games, but that's just the kind of girl I am.  If I'm in the car and want to play something relaxing, I'll play Tetris.  On my recent trip to Key West, I played Professor Layton and My Word Coach.  I know Word Coach doesn't sound like much of a game, but I find it so useful!  I'm currently in grad school and anything that can add to my vocabulary is a plus.  The games in Word Coach are pretty inventive too and make you think about language in various ways.  


What type of games do you like?

 Personally, I love anything cute and Mario.  I also love the Zelda series, and I'm currently addicted to Pokemon.  Lately I've had less time to play, so I love playing puzzle games like Tetris or Bejeweled Twist because they're so relaxing.  The Professor Layton series is really great too!  Animal Crossing is adorable and addictive.  

What about you?  What are your favorite type of games?